Our Group

Blockchain Holding gmbh

Blockchain Holding GmbH is responsible for operations, investor relations and other administrative needs of our group. Founded in 2016, Blockchain Holding GmbH Is based out of Dresden, Germany. We aim to establish ourselves in combination with CoinBau GmbH as the leading Blockchain Infrastructure provider in Europe.

The CoinBau GmbH is responsible for chip design, production and large deployments of our ASIC Hardware. The team consists of experts in Blockchain Technology, experienced developers as well as experts in production and innovation.

Lead by CEO Sebastian Krause and CTO Dr. Markus Winter, CoinBau strives to manufacture the most efficient and durable hardware for Blockchain Applications available on the market.

Founded in 2014, CoinBau has established itself as the largest European ASIC manufacturer for Blockchain and Mining Applications and continues on its path to become one of the biggest suppliers of ASICs globally.

Based on the experience as an early adopter of deploying industrial scale mining operations, CoinBau has developed the fully integrated modular datacenter solution.

B-chain e-services AB is the Swedish subsidiary of Blockchain Holding GmbH and is managing the mining operations in Sweden. Since its foundation in 2017, B-chain e-services AB has managed installations on multiple sites and is rapidly expanding mining capacities by utilizing our modular datacenter technology.

B-chain e-services is currently developing multiple sites ready to host large scale mining equipment in northern Sweden and is looking to expand further on already existing sites. Making use of our modular datacenter technology to quickly deploy and grow the mining operation is key to our expansion strategy.

Blockchain e-services IHF is the Icelandic subsidiary of Blockchain Holding GmbH and is managing the mining operations in Iceland. With over 2 years of experience in datacenter and mining operations management, Blockchain e-services provides its knowledge to our enterprise customers and assists in the management and planning of our customer operations globally.